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Press Release of February 2, 2005 
HyperEngine-AV Open Source 

   It's free!

A non-linear video editing software that lets you capture, import, edit, arrange together and process video, photos, audio and text to create DV quality movies and slide shows.
It combines an extensive set of features with a streamlined user-interface. It gives you an unprecedented ease of use while retaining the power of real time compositing and real time video and audio effects.

The FEATURE MAP lets you discover how simple non-linear digital video editing can be. Just mouse over the user-interface graphic elements to get a definition for each of them (Note: The interactive map window may take a few seconds to load).

Visit our SHOWCASE to see projects made with HyperEngine-AV.


A full scale video, audio and text editor for Macintosh OS X computers

HyperEngine-AV's free-form document window, lets you quickly and easily combine video, photo, audio and text media for the creation of full dv quality slide shows, familly movies, corporate presentations or your own feature films.

HyperEngine-AV has a very smooth learning curve and a better efficiency leaving extra headroom for creativity.

The Overview window offers multiple features such as direct import and move of clips, instant zoom to any parts of the project that the user has recorded and a wide range of independent x and y zoom sizes.

Since all clips generate their own magnetic grid, it is very easy to accurately splice, trim, split, time stretch (resulting in high quality speed motion change for video and tempo change for audio) and synchronize all media elements in just single mouse strokes.

Numerous other features contribute to making HyperEngine-AV a powerful video editing software but a very fun one to use too! Chain, stack, merge, align, nudge, group are just a few of the numerous basic commands that not only are easy to apply but also make the authoring process as rigorous and accurate as it needs to be.
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  HyperEngine-AV was thought out and designed without any pre-conception to the analog methods of video and audio editing because they are irrelevant in a virtual computer world.
Other than the basic operating system knowledge, there is no pre-requisite to get started with HyperEngine-AV. Interface complexity comes downstream of the user's need not upstream!

HyperEngine-AV and Video

Image clips can be imported or captured from a FireWire DV camera using remote machine control, then easily organized along the timeline to make movies.

Dragging video or still clips on top of each other creates instant real-time dissolves - clicking on the resulting connection graphic brings up a selection of fully editable real-time video compositing and transition tools such as dissolve, wipes, zoom...
The software gives you access to the whole range of QuickTime video effects (See Features for details), including edge detection, emboss, film noise, and color tint are available and can be applied to any video clip; a real-time video effects preview box takes the guesswork out of adjusting effect parameters. Supported formats are dv, mov, mpeg-4, jpg, tiff, gif and more by means of the program's built-in QuickTime format translator.
Supported formats are DV, mov, mpeg-4, jpg, tiff, gif and more by means of the program's built-in QuickTime format translator.
Third party QuickTime effects are available and can be easily added such as the ones from Buena Software and

HyperEngine-AV and Audio

With Arboretum's prestigious history as a music software manufacturer, HyperEngine-AV's audio capabilities are second to none. Audio clips can be edited and processed to generate stunning soundtracks.

The program comes with a wide variety of free studio-quality real-time audio effects from Arboretum's acclaimed Hyperprism suite ofprocessors (See Features for details), including an excellent Reverb.
More can be added via a flexible plug-in architecture - including the popular Ray Gun and Ray Gun Pro audio restoration software for cleaning up scratchy vinyl, tape hiss, hum, and other problem recordings.

HyperEngine-AV also comes with over 70 royalty-free audio clips from celebrated sound designer Frank Serafine (Star Trek, TRON, Poltergeist, Hunt for Red October, Virtuosity). HyperEngine-AV is an ideal video editing software to also enhance your final movies with cutting-edge audio.

HyperEngine-AV and Text

Take advantage of powerful text features to import or create and display credits, section titles, subtitles or karaoke lyrics.

Text boxes can be placed over video clips or keyed against an editable background with adjustable duration for scrolling.

Set font, size, type, color, style, alignment, scroll direction and auto clip duration. Place text against transparent background or user-defined background color.

The design of HyperEngine-AV was influenced by our on-going commitment to make user-interfaces as simple as can be, obviously without sacrificing to efficiency or performance. We also based our reflexion on two simple facts:

  Associating audio and text to video is in many ways essential to the final expressive and
      aesthetical qualities of a movie
. We wanted to reconcile the image and the sound because one
      can hardly be much without the other. This is why we gave them equal ground, by letting users
      freely associate them in the same document window.

  The notion of tracks, heritage of the old days, is mostly irrelevant in a computer world:
      We based our design on the virtual approach, where track constraints have no reason to be.
      And as an added bonus to this design, no tracks also means no track limits, and no limits to the
      number of elements you can stack!

Click on the movies below to get a glimpse of projects made with HyperEngine-AV.


If you are a HyperEngine-AV user and you would like to be part of this Showcase, click here to see the guidelines and submit your project.

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